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Bienvenue sur Emilie de Ravin France ( votre unique source française, sur l’actrice australienne Emilie de Ravin depuis 2010. Vous avez pu la découvrir dans la série «Lost;Les disparus» diffusée sur tf1 ou encore dans la série «Roswell» . Elle a aussi joué aux côtes de Robert Pattinson dans «Remember me».Elle joue actuellement dans la série «Once upon a time» dans le rôle de Belle . Elle était récemment à l'affiche du film «The Submarine Kid» dans le rôle d'Alice .Vous trouverez sur ce site de nombreuses informations, photos et toute ce qui concerne ses projets .

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    Interview by Virgin Radio!

    Are you happy with Belle’s « Happy Ending »? She is finally happy with Rumple and her son …

    I think it’s good for her, that’s all I wanted for her. Having her son back, having the chance to be able to raise him as a child. Given the situation in which he was , in the hands of this horrible woman, he was already an adult. This situation broke my heart , when you’re a parent yourself. So it’s really sweet ending.

     Did you imagine another ending for Belle?

    Not really. It’s always what I imagined and hoped for her. She’s happy with herself. She have this strength in her and she’s in peace with herself. I really think she got it.

    What’s your best memory on the set?

    I think I would say the very first episode I did. Just because, this is a very good episode and playing Belle for the first time was awesome. It’s good when there’s something new and fresh, it’s more exciting. Plus , this is my favorite episode .There are so many adorable moments in it, learn a little more about Belle.

    What was your favorite scene to film and the worst?

    Can it be the same scene? Because it was for me. I would say, in season 4 when Belle push Rumple outside the Storybrooke line. Favorite scene because it was really well written, intense, very emotional. It was a very big time for both of them and an important scene for her, and difficult because, it was hard for her, emotionally, and then it was 3-4 in the morning, it was so cold, it was raining. So difficult in this sense but very beautiful, in the action of the scene.

    Can you describe your adventure in « Once Upon A Time  » in three words

    Really good people

    And what is your song of the moment?

    The one I’m listening to all the time right now, just because my daughter can not stop putting it, Justin Timberlake « Can’t Stop The Feeling ». I put it in a loop because she’s too cute, she straightens straight and starts dancing. She does it on other songs but on this one it’s even more adorable.